Complete Kitchen Project

Many bespoke companies will not undertake first-fit electrics or plumbing so you will have to co-ordinate these elements yourself.

But understanding the importance and the difficulty of the kitchen project, the time and efforts required to not only hire individual trade specialists, but the importance that they need to work as a team, so that successful kitchen design/refurbishment could be guaranteed.

Over years, we have built a team of specialists, and this is why we can and will co-ordinate all building, plumbing and electrical works.

The list of works and services we do offer:

  • The electrical wiring in your kitchen will be handled by a qualified electrician;
  • Any fitting and installation jobs will be carried out by tidy and knowledgeable handymen;
  • An experienced plumber will ensure that all plumbing works are done to a very high standard;
  • Your kitchen will benefit new floorings and even partition walls;
  • Both floor and wall tiling will be carried by our specialists;
  • Thinking to change, refresh kitchen wall and ceiling colour, our painters-decorators will come in handy;

Complete kitchen project, including plumping, gas, electrical works, tiling, flooring, painting and kitchen fitting can easily take 2-4 weeks to complete.

But with different specialists and their own time leads, kitchen project can extend way of what you have planned or expected, and sadly in many cases such projects can be completed only in 2-3 months.

This is why hiring Auggus Limited for the complete kitchen refurbishment project will prove you a great deal. Depending on the size of your kitchen size, most common lead time for the building works and kitchen fitting is 1-3 weeks from start to finish.

Our certified specialist will issue certificates for the gas and electrical works.

Time is an essence, and before planning/asking to knock that wall down or if you’re planning a larger refit or build, you may also need Planning Permission or Building Regulations approval. Visit the Planning Portal ( for further information.