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Auggus Limited trades in United Kingdom mainland only. The prices charged on the Website will be the price quoted at the time of order placement. Quotations provided will remain valid for 6 weeks from the first date of the quotation. All quotation prices are VAT included. Note delivery costs are not included, unless specifically stated to the contrary.


Orders made to the Company need to be confirmed in writing. The Company will not accept liability for errors, omissions or mistakes which occur through consultation or order by telephone, or through a showroom consultation which is not subsequently confirmed in writing. Upon receipt of your written order, the Company will provide you with a proforma invoice that will include details of that order, along with specifications of the items requested. The Company requests that you review the invoice to ensure accuracy prior to finalising the order.

Once approved, the proforma invoice will become the agreement laid out between you and the Company for that order only. It will supercede and render obsolete any and all previous correspondence, either verbally or in writing (which includes electronic email) engaged in by you and the Company. This includes negotiations, prior arrangements, understandings, and other agreements that were made prior to the final order agreed to on the proforma invoice. Your acceptance of the proforma invoice becomes your agreement that you accept the contents of the proforma invoice as the full and complete order, entered into by you and the Company, and that you do not expect or require additional items not contained or set out within that proforma invoice, regardless of previous discussions, direct or implied.

The drawings, illustrations and other material contained in the Website, catalogues, brochures, or other advertising and marketing material, which are used by the Company to illustrate the goods for sale, should not be considered exact illustrations and should be regarded as a guide to the item only. These images and drawings do not form any part of the contract entered into between you and the Company.

Subsequent to a confirmed order and agreement being made between you and the Company, the request shall be considered the final agreement. Any subsequent changes to the order made after the agreement has been finalized will incur a fee of 5% of the item cost. Furthermore, structural changes and design alterations may not be possible depending upon the item concerned, and requests may be refused at the Company’s discretion.


The Auggus invoice constitutes the entire agreement with the client. Specifications not included in the invoice will not be passed to the workshop. Any specification contained in Purchase Orders and not included in the invoice, will not be valid. The client is responsible for reviewing the invoice to ensure that all specifications are correct. Failure to correctly review the invoice will render any subsequent claims invalid.


The Company requires a 60% deposit for all orders placed prior to beginning work. The balance for each order shall be due two weeks prior to the dispatch of the furniture from the Auggus workshop. All orders made with the Company are payable in full prior to delivery of the goods. Where the Company experiences a delay in receiving your payment, either of the deposit or the balance, they withhold the right to delay the delivery date of your order if necessary.

Payment methods should be by bank transfer (BACS), credit or debit card. Cheques are acceptable forms of payment, but will incur an additional 10 days clearing time prior to the production of your order beginning. Credit card fees charged to the Company by credit card companies, are passed on to clients who choose to pay by credit card.


We believe that the many traditional skills and techniques used to make Auggus designs add to the beauty and individuality of each piece. If you require a higher level of uniformity or finish than these techniques may allow, please discuss your requirements with us before confirming your order.


Products made by the Company are created, painted and distressed as applicable, by hand. Wood finish samples are available to you on request, but it should be noted that these are intended as a guide only. Two pieces are never the same and vary considerably in character, gloss and wood tone. While the Company aims to provide as close a match as possible, they do not guarantee an exact match.

The Company also requests that where two or more items are intended for the same room, they are ordered together. This affords more opportunity for getting the colour and shading matched as closely as possible.

Wood samples made available by the Company are valid for 6 months. It is requested that you contact the Company to obtain a new wood finish sample if you intend placing an order outwith that period. Failure to do so may result in your finished product having a different shade, material type or colour.

While the Company aims to ensure that photography and other images contained on the Website, in the catalogue, or any other material where visual representation of their products is made, are accurate and up to date, variations are possible.


Where a customer requests that an item of caned furniture is finished in one of Auggus painted colours, the Company advises that due to the nature of this malleable material, the paint may come off sooner than expected if proper care is not taken. Auggus recommends that clients select from the three natural shades available as standard, all of which will offer longer durability to the finished look of your caned furniture.

In the event a client chooses a painted finish for their caned furniture order, using one of Auggus colours, the Company shall not be held liable in circumstances where the paint wears off.


Products created by the Company bear the Auggus logo. Any requirement for unbranded products must be discussed with the Company prior to confirming your order.


If a client provides Auggus with a drawing or an image of a piece of furniture to be reproduced, we will make every attempt to be as accurate as possible when undertaking the task however a perfect reproduction cannot be guaranteed unless we have the item to be reproduced physically in our workshop.

Furthermore, the Company will not be held liable for any reproduction made that contravenes any patents or other trademark or copyright. Establishing permission for any copying or reproduction is the sole responsibility of the client. If made aware, the Company will refuse to accept any orders which contain products with registered patents, trademarks or copyrights.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to inform the Company prior to the order being confirmed if a product specified has any patents, trademarks or copyrights; or if the client has any intention to own the rights of the design provided to Auggus. By entering the Contract with the Company, the client agrees that the Company can photograph, distribute and sell the finished product without paying any design fees or commission on the products made by the Company.

All quotations provided by the Company are done so on the premises that the designs specified are patent free and will be owned by the Company after production has been completed. Failure to inform the Company of any patents, trademarks or copyrights; or any attempt to claim design rights on pieces already produced and completed by the Company, will be subjected to a 400% surcharge on the price paid on the product in question.


Where a technical drawing is included as part of the order, the Company will agree up to up two revisions to be made as part of that order. Where more than two revisions are requested by the client, the Company reserves the right to levy a fee to cover costs. This fee will be calculated on a ‘per hour’ basis.

The Company will endeavour to ensure all technical drawings are accurate and complete, however exact sizes and specifications can only be confirmed once the templates have been finalized. Any requirements you have in relation to the technical drawings, must be provided to the Company prior to, or at this stage.


Our business is London based and we cover all central and within Greater London therefore design consultancy service within this location will be free of charge.

For all the areas outside Greater London we’ll be there to help with all ordering, delivery and fitting.  Depending on the distance we need to travel, there will be £50-250 consultation which is redeemable from the final project cost you spend with us. Where applicable, Auggus may conduct an onsite visit to provide the client with advice on style and materials. Clients are required to ensure that all spaces are ready, and all building works are done, before all pieces fitted.

Please note, as per above, if 1st visit is free of charge, and you would like to request additional 2nd appointment, we would require a minimum of £250 deposit paid, again redeemable from the final total project cost. This would be required as a security deposit as our precaution in such the event there client may or would change his/her mind in going ahead with the project.

Press here to see full charges


Auggus will provide the client with a 3D rendered drawing. If client requires additional specifications and would like to see drawings with dimensions, it’s clients responsibility to let us in writing. Such option would be possible only for clients who have placed order by paying initial deposit stated in the invoice send to them. In the proforma invoice and the furniture will be produced according to this information once all size and material specifications are approved and confirmed by the client. The Company cannot be held responsible for freestanding pieces of furniture which do not fit the space available or for the disposition of the furniture in the rooms where they are intended as this is the sole responsibility of the client. The Company also won’t be held accountable for any furniture parts, such as furniture skirting boards, side panels, top panels, which have to be cut to match existing walls, ceilings or floor. Their uneven shape, gaps between walls, ceilings or floors won’t be held as faulty, or unsatisfactory installation or production. This is a sole customer responsibility to have their walls, ceilings and floors done, made to a highest standard, there straight even walls, edges, levelled floors must be done prior furniture installation/fitting.


Deliveries to the London and Home Counties region generally falls between 4-6 weeks for all standard material furniture and 8-10 weeks for all spray painted furniture. This lead time may vary depending on the size of the order placed, and the nominated delivery address. Please feel free to contact the Company to confirm lead times when you place your order. Where you wish to place an order with a time sensitive delivery date, please contact the Company in advance to discuss your requirements. The Company will endeavour to meet your timescale. If customer doesn’t specify exact preferred delivery day 2 weeks prior production of the specific furniture project have been finished, Auggus limited will be rightfully scheduling own delivery date. Please note exact delivery time can’t be booked or specified, as due to the nature of various interruptions and possible hold ups such as traffic, we simply can’t guarantee exact delivery time. If customer won’t be available to accept delivery on the day Company have scheduled it, customer will be held accountable for additional £120 charge. This also means, that when withholding delivery, the fitting date also will be placed on hold. All orders, delivery and fitting dates are scheduled in advance, and changing or withholding them it could lead to additional few weeks delay, and your fitting date would have to be rescheduled.

The lead time is applicable only once the deposit is paid, all details and specifications confirmed and materials such as fabric rolls or samples received.

All delivery dates provided by the Company are offered in good faith. Notified delivery dates are not legally binding and do not form part of the contract or guarantee. Furthermore, depending upon the nature of the order, delivery dates should be considered approximates only.

The lead time provided to clients based outside the UK is the lead time for production and dispatch from the Auggus workshop. Although Auggus can provide clients with an estimated delivery time for orders outside the UK, we cannot guarantee a specific date as the lead time for home deliveries outside the UK may vary depending on a number of factors which are beyond the Company’s control, including vehicle availability and the area where the client is based. Auggus recommends the client to allow at least 6 additional weeks from the date of dispatch from the Company’s workshop.


Auggus products may be partly/fully assembled or flat packed before being transported. The Company will contact you prior to delivery to offer available time slots. The time slots available will depend upon logistical requirements, along with dates and availability of the delivery team. While the Company will make every effort to accommodate client’s needs, the Company shall not be liable for delivery dates which do not meet client’s requests.

Upon delivery, the Company requests you inspect and sign for your order. Signing is accepted as confirmation that you have inspected your order, and that all requested items due for delivery as part of that order are present and in good condition. Where a third party is left to sign for the delivery on behalf of the client, the Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any defects subsequently found that would have been found on inspection. In addition, failure to sign the delivery note as requested may render claims made against that order as invalid.

Where you fail to accept delivery, either by missing the date or for any other reason, it is your responsibility to arrange redelivery of your order at additional cost to you, as stated above £120. An alternative may be to collect your order from an assigned collection point. The Company will not be held liable for care of orders that have already left their warehouse. It is your responsibility to ensure your items are checked and complete prior to signing for them, including where they are delivered to an assigned collection point. The Company accepts no liability for items damaged once they have left the warehouse.

If your furniture is ready and you are unable to accept delivery after 10 days from the ready date of your furniture, we deserve the right to charge a storage fee of 1% of the total order value per day.


Access check. In the event that the client requires an onsite access check, there is a charge of £60 plus VAT for properties in London and the Home Counties. The conclusions drawn on the day of the visit may affect how the furniture needs to be made, so the order can only be processed after the access check is completed.

Standard Delivery Service. If you have paid for a Standard Delivery Service, our team will be instructed to place your order in a room of your choice upon arrival, unpack the furniture and remove all packaging from the property. Where your order is for a dining table, desk, or bed, and assembly is required, this is included in the Standard Delivery Service. The Standard Delivery Service is a two-man delivery where there is easy access to the room the furniture will be placed in, providing that room is located no higher than the 2nd floor. The Standard Delivery Service includes deliveries from Monday to Friday. Weekend deliveries can be organised on request, for additional charge.

The Standard Delivery & Installation Service will be required if your piece of furniture needs to be fitted or installed on the day of the delivery. The Standard Delivery & Installation Service is a two-man delivery where there is easy access to the room the furniture will be placed in, providing that room is located no higher than the 2nd floor. The Standard Delivery & Installation Service includes deliveries from Monday to Friday. Weekend deliveries can be organised on request, for additional charge.

Where our delivery team concludes that your specific order will require additional resources, such as hoisting or the delivery of the furniture through a window, this type of delivery is not included in any of our standard delivery services and will therefore be quoted for on an individual basis.


Upon design visit we will inspect access points and take decisions on appropriate size of all furniture to   be accessed and installed. But if you will choose delivery only, it is your responsibility to ensure the products you have ordered will fit into the space or room you intend it for. This includes checking doorway, ceiling and staircase dimensions. The Company can arrange an onsite access check for customers prior to placing an order.

The Company aims to ensure all sizes and dimensions contained on their website, in their catalogue, and in any other marketing, advertising or other material which provides information about their products, are accurate and correct. However, some small differences may occur. Where there are specific dimension requests relating to the space your product is intended for, please notify the Company in advance so this can be taken into consideration. The Company will not be liable for any issues or problems arising where there was a failure on the part of the client to provide the necessary information.


Products made by the Company are levelled to ensure their doors (where there are any) hang evenly, and that they stand correctly without problem. Where the floor at the intended destination is not level, the Company will accept no liability for the look and wear and tear of any of our products. In addition, the Company will provide levelers, at a cost, for uneven surfaces, and a request for these should be made to the Company.


In accordance with their standard procedures, the Company states that, on delivery, all products shall:

1. Conform with the agreed description and any detailed specification;

2. Be absent any material defects in relation to workmanship, design and material;

3. Be of a quality that meets the standards laid out in the Sale of Goods Act 1979

Subject to the above statement, the following applies:

1. Where the customer discovers any reason the goods supplied do not comply with the warranty set out;

a. The customer will give notice in writing to the Company within reasonable time of that discovery, and;

b. The Company will be given the opportunity to examine the goods concerned, and;

c. The customer shall (if requested by the Company) return the goods to the Company at their workshop, at the Company’s cost. The company shall, at its option, repair or replace the defective goods, or refund the price of the defective goods in full.

2. The Company shall not be held liable for goods which do not comply with the warranty set out, in the following circumstances;

a. The customer continues to make use of the goods after notifying the Company of the defect;

b. The defect arises because the customer has failed to follow any written or verbal instructions, or instructions on the Website, which related to the storage, installation, commission, maintenance, and use of the goods in questions, or where there are no such instructions laid out in the above methods, fails to take reasonable care of the product;

c. The problem has arisen as a result of the Company following the instructions, details, designs, drawings, and or specifications which have been supplied by the customer;

d. The customer alters or repairs themselves, the goods in questions, without written permission from the Company;

e. The defect has arisen as a result of wear and tear, negligence, water damage, damaged caused by direct exposure to sun, wilful damage, unusual or inadvisable working conditions, or incorrect storage; or

f. The goods differ from their description due to necessary changes made to ensure the product complies with any necessary statutory or regulatory requirements.

Aside from the foregoing Terms and Conditions, all conditions, warranties, statutory rights, and other rights affecting consumer purchase, either by statute or common law, are to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from this contract. And these Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to any replaced or repaired goods also supplied by the Company.


Finished products are best maintained in buildings where the temperature is around 20 degrees, and the humidity ranges between 45 -55 percent, whether naturally or by the use of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioning or heating units, determined by season or otherwise. The Company accepts no liability for the atmosphere of the building the product is contained in, and any adverse effect it may have on the product.

The wood used by the Company to build products will continue to change its moisture levels as it responds to climatic changes in your home or building. Where it loses moisture, it will shrink, correcting itself as humidity rises again. This is a normal state of fluctuation and is not an issue covered by warranty. Natural changes in size do not affect the solidity and quality of these products.

The Company advises not to place fine wood furniture close to heating or air-conditioning outlets. Where this is your only option, the Company advises you should place a shield or guard to direct air flow away from the furniture. Exposing your furniture item to extreme temperatures or variations in humidity can damage fine wood pieces. This can include variations which are caused by the use of radiators, fireplaces, humidifiers, or space heaters. Your furniture should not be affected by gradual changes, and abrupt changes can increase the risk of potential damage.

The Company will not be held liable for wood movement.


Our fully assembled cabinets, with BLUM hinges and drawers, comes with a 10-Year Warranty Certificate – we guarantee the functionality of BLUM products for 10 years from the date of installation, as long as terms and conditions apply.

If no BLUM hinges or drawer system are used, we apply standard 2 Year Warranty.

The standard Warranty of 2 Year, covers all frames, facades, doors & furniture hardware, everything except electric equipment & mechanisms – have individual ‘best before’ dates. All of our materials are selected by experienced specialists to be not only stylish, but robust and resistant to environmental changes – yet everything suffers from wear-and-tear to some extent, and all materials have certain specifications and conditions under which they are best used.
Our designers & manufacturing specialist will ensure that your project has the materials best suitable to your conditions and needs. We will recommend more durable materials for often-used furniture or a child-rich environment, providing the optimal yet budget-friendly solution. Still, only you can protect your bespoke fitted furniture from physical damage, improper use and various external factors that we, designers and manufacturers of unique interiors, have no control over, including natural wear. These uncontrollable factors, that cannot be covered by a Warranty, include mechanical damage, pest issues, chemical or liquid damage, household or natural disaster & influence of various radiation, also colour change due to direct sun light.


The Company provides a skilled bespoke service, and all products are made to a personal specification. Therefore the statutory seven (7) day cancellation period under article 10 of the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 does not apply. No cancellations will be accepted by the Company once production has begun.

Where the client cancels an order prior to the start of production, the client will be responsible for all the costs incurred to that point by the Company, including the fees for designing the product in question, as well as the production of bespoke wood finish samples, standard finish samples, order management and others. The company shall retain a discretionary 30% of the total amount of the order.


The ownership of the products remains with the Company, even after delivery, until they are paid for in full. However, risk for products passes to the client on receipt of the goods. Until a client becomes the full and complete owner of the products, they may not sell or part with possession of the goods. The Company withholds the right to enter any property where the goods are being held, for the purposes of recovering those goods while ownership remains with the Company.


All goods are supplied on condition that the amount of liability in relation to any defects or faults in the condition, quality, fitness for purpose or description of those goods, does not amount to a sum that exceeds the purchase price of the specific goods themselves.

In the event that the Company is unable to supply goods upon receipt of an order, the Company shall not be held liable by the customer, by way of contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory rights or duty, or any other method, for any of the following.

1. Loss of profit;

2. Any consequential loss or indirect loss suffered;

3. Loss of revenue or income;

4. Loss of business;

5. Loss of savings or anticipated sum of savings;

6. Loss of data; or

7. For any loss of time, waste of office or management time, which has arisen under or through connection with the contract.

Furthermore, the customer shall not hold the Company liable for any innocent or negligent misrepresentation, or for any representation or warranty that falls into the following;

1. Is not set out in the contract agreed upon; or

2. Is based upon any statement made in the contract.


Where events outside the reasonable control of the Company, including a Force Majeure Event, result in a failure to perform on the part of the Company, or a delay in the performance by the Company, of the obligations set out in the contract, the Company will not be held liable. Furthermore, the Company is entitled to suspend performance for the duration of the period during which the event outside their reasonable control continues, without penalty. The Company retains the right to introduce an extension of time to any contract affected by an event outside their reasonable control, for the purpose of completing and fulfilling that contract, and that period of time may be determined by the Company. The Company will commit to finding a solution to bring an end to the event outside its reasonable control, or to find a solution to fulfill its obligations under the contract regardless of the event continuing.


Auggus limited is bespoke furniture design and manufacturing company. At Auggus ltd we specialise in furniture design and manufacture. We understand that during some projects, such as sample, complete kitchen renovations a multiple trade specialists are required.

For projects where floor or wall electrical  wiring, in general any electrical work, plumbing, tiling, painting or any other other building work is or may be required, before our furniture could be installed, we will bring trade specialist(s), who may or will act under subcontracting service.

In such event there our furniture will be ordered, and building works are required to prepare designated areas, rooms for furniture installation and customer will decide to hire their own trade specialist(s), the lead time for furniture manufacture may be withheld and/or vary in complying with building work completion dates. It would be clients responsibility in leasing with his builders and passing all relevant information effecting the project to us, and so that the our furniture could be delivered and completed on schedule.

By client allowing/letting us to bring trade specialist(s), client and only client will be liable to check the quality of  their work in accordance with the standards and regulations to individual trade(s). There will be no liability from Auggus Limited for any damages, or injuries caused by such individual(s), or anyone acting under subcontracting service. Client will be responsible for checking their references, public liability insurance or any other qualifications or information required, by which client would decide if client, would or wouldn’t like them to do a required building work(s).

If client wishes to have a written agreement or work contract between him/her and trade specialist(s) it will be entirely clients responsibility to seek for such agreements and/or contracts. However, in such event there contract between client and trade special is written, if trade specialist is brought through by Auggus limited company, the contract will have to be approved by Auggus company, more precisely approved by Auggus limited managing director.


All building works are based on the average market price per square meter. Also, building work estimates are based on the original assessment and they are as accurate as possible. However, after kitchen removal, there wall tiles, flooring is removed, or additional wall, ceiling cracks are uncovered, further costs may be required for the additional materials and labour to solve those issues. In such events, client will be informed and mutual agreement will be required, before any additional works would be done. Same applies to all additional works where client would like additional building work(s) to be done and again mutual agreement would be required, there additional costs would be discussed and agreed.


Due to various building works involved, all building works will start 2 weeks prior kitchen delivery. There necessary, for the building works to start, kitchen removal will take place first, this is done two weeks prior kitchen delivery.

Auggus Limited has highest interest that all building works would be done to the highest standards, however we ask our clients to check if all building works done to their satisfaction (based on what was quoted and agreed), so that in the unlikely event those issues could be acknowledged and fixed prior kitchen installation.


Due to our business load and various different building works needed to complete we will require different trades people involved. All building works are listed and priced separately. After each building work completion, there different trades people will be involved and where separate invoices may be issued, we would kindly ask, payments to be paid in full right after the issue of those invoices. This is simply to avoid us asking for a %50-%50 payments and help our clients to minimise transactions.


Notices or writing given to a party, under or in connection with any contract, are to be made in writing and addressed to that party at its principal place of business, registered office, or where applicable, any other address specified to the party in writing in accord with this clause. This notice or writing must be delivered in person, or by recorded delivery, fax, electronic mail (email), pre-paid first class post, or commercial courier.

A notice or writing delivered by one of the stated methods will be deemed to have been received in the following circumstances; where it has been delivered by hand or in person, at that time of delivery; in the event it has been sent by pre-paid first class post or recorded delivery, at 10 AM on the second business day after posting; where delivery has been made by commercial courier, at the time and date signed for by the Company and recorded on the delivery receipt held by the courier; where sent by email or fax, one business day after the transmission has been sent.

This clause on notices does not apply to the service or sending of any documents or proceedings that relate to any legal action.


The Company reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions for legal, regulatory or any other reason. Any changes made by them to the Terms and Conditions will be posted on this page, and notified, where applicable, to customers and clients of the Company by email.