Light is a very important element of any kitchen design. While preparing and cooking food all the key surfaces have to be lit. While enjoying the charcuterie selection on a social occasion you would probably prefer more ambient rather than a sterile light. Kitchen is the most socially important room in a house therefore lighting has to be both, functional and welcoming. Lighting is the quickest way to change a mood of any space. At Auggus we say, “The more switches in the kitchen the better”.

You may either incorporate the lights that make statement and bring focus to lighting as an important décor element or you may opt for more sophisticated look and minimalize the visibility of the bulbs. The third option would be to combine the two.

There is a lot on offer to complement even the most eclectic kitchen design. You may choose from warm white to cool white and RGB colours, all of them are available in LED (light-emitting diode / longer lifetime lights that use up to 90% less energy than the traditional light bulbs).


Spotlights are normally used to light up the key surfaces in the kitchen where precision in required. Most of the time they are installed under the cabinets to shed the light directly on the worktops. Spotlights come in round, square and triangular shapes.

LED strip/tape lights

This is a linear lighting option perfect to be installed under kitchen cabinets or in the cupboards where bright light is required. LED strip creates an effect of uninterrupted light stream. Also, it can be a great design element as well as a very efficient lighting option.